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AkosaTax is one of the best in personalized Federal and State tax resolution. Our team of dedicated Licensed Taxpayers Representative (Enrolled Agents, Attorneys and Accountants) will help in resolving your tax problems.

Here at AkosaTax, we strive to help answer your Tax questions and achieve your Tax service needs. Don't let the stress of trying to get out of tax trouble become too much. We will help you navigate the complicated State and Federal Tax systems:

  • Settle Tax Debt for a Fraction
    of what is Owed
  • End Wage Garnishment
  • Stop Bank Levy, Tax Levy, and
    Property Seizure
  • Remove Penalties and Interest
  • Remove Tax Liens
  • Settle Payroll Tax


What our customers are saying...
I was thrilled to get the IRS to stop threatening me and lower my tax debt considerably. Thank you so much AkosaTax.

— Ms. Redman

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